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Surveillance Systems
Surveillance Camera
Service Details 
Why choose us for your survaillance system install ?
  • We installed our first system 20 years ago when most systems were low resolution and poor performance.Since, our experience grew to sophisticated state of the art remote systems 

  • Our experience gives us the flexibility to install and test different systems and know which one to recommend for reliability and ease of use.

  • New systems are easier to install but more complicated to set up. Most systems work well but when a problem emerges it can be  complicated to troubleshoot; however, this is where are knowledge shines.

  • Brands like Ring, Nest and Arlo and most client popular choices and we are happy to do the installations and set ups.

Whats the cost?

With the various system options on the market the installation prices will fluctuate.However, easy to install wireless systems can start as low as $250 and go up from there. We recommend our customers not to assume a high installation price but call us for a free consultation 

Note: Be cautious of low prices. Safety, quality and price work hand in hand. Low prices are the key to trouble. 

The Estimate

   How we determine your Estimate

  • Location, location, location. It might sounds like a Real Estate verbiage but the biggest portion of the installation cost depends on where the cameras are located and where the DVR is. 

  • Wired or Wireless. Obviously, the wireless system installation will cost less but you are restricted on the distance the cameras can be installed away from the main hub or the WiFi receiver. 

  • Time. The installation, set up and configuration makes the bulk of the cost. Wired systems require less software configuration but they are more time consuming to install due to the wire placement into the walls, attics or conduit runs to the outside of the building.  

  • Wireless systems. Easier to install but sometimes finicky to connect. Each home presents its own challenges when connection to a home WIFI system, which can affect the total installation price. However, with our experience we have a trick or two learned to pass them.

Customer Reviews
What customers have to say about us


I called around to find surveillance systems installers. From most, I got the run around when it came to experience and prices. SH Electrical System, at the time, had one Google review but their business description caught my eye so I decided to call. Sorin, took his time to go over our project, gave us suggestions and a fair price. We ended up installing 10 cameras around the outside and other 10 inside the house with the flexibility of seeing it all on our phone. We recommend him for his personalized service and good pricing. 


                                                       Mary C. | Rockville, MD 

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