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Electrical Vehicle Chargers
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Why choose us for your EV charger installation ?


  • Installing an EV charger is becoming more common as we are part of an unprecedented movement to become more Environmentally friendly. Furthermore, more and more home owners look at the EV chargers as a part of an investment what would add a good selling point to a house. 

  • All Charging Stations come with warranties. In case of a claim the manufacturer will ask the details of the installer to make sure the installation was properly followed. The installer needs to be licensed and insured for the claim to be considered.

  •                                                   provides  experience and knowledge, attributes needed for trouble free installation.

Whats the cost?

Home owners enjoy the peace of mind having a licensed electrician perform the installation. On average, expect a price from $800 to up $2400 if the panel is located in the garage and $2000 to up to $4000 if the electrical panel is located in the basement and the car charger on the first floor. 

Note: Be cautious of low prices. Safety, quality and price work hand in hand. Low prices are the key to trouble. 

The Estimate 

   How we determine your Estimate

  •  The location of the electrical panel, the desired location of the EV charger, and the size of the EV charger will determine the cost of the installation. Some counties here in MD also have different safety requirements depending on the location of the EV charger. 

  • If the electrical panel is located in the basement or far away from the charging station then the price increases.

  • Is the panel large enough to accommodate a new 20, 30, 50 Amps breaker?  Older homes have 100 Amps panels which are unable to handle a new 30 or 50A new connection. In this case, we recommend a Heavy up or an electrical panel upgrade which will increase the total cost. 

  • These factors influence the final price. Please call or email us to have a comprehensive evaluation. 

Customer Reviews
What customers have to say about us

We've learned that an EV charger installation can't be completed without a licensed electrician with experience. We used Sorin's services since 2005 because he is reliable, punctual and knowledgeable. We decided to go with  a 50A Siemens  VersiCharge which he got installed, inspected and the warranty card filled and sent. We recommend him. 

                    Clemente B. | Clarksburg, MD 



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