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Electrical Panel Upgrade

An Electrical Panel Upgrade or Heavy Up enhances the electrical panel's capacity for more energy, as well as making it safer to operate a variety of electronic devices in your home.

Lighting Services 

Installation or replacement of  any kind of indoor and outdoor lighting and switches.  

Circuit breaker replacement 

Circuit breakers are the first line of defense against overloads and short circuits. The life expectancy of a circuit breaker is 30-40 years after after which it would have to be replaced.

Outlet services 

Includes any residential or commercial outlets. Both 120V or 240V. 

Home Wiring

Upgrading or replacing unsafe, home wiring is necessary  when the electrical system can't handle the increased load or there are signs of  increased short circuits or breaker tripping.  

Generator Hook-ups

We do the design and installation of the electrical wiring for capturing, collection and distributing electrical power from Generators. 

Dishwasher Repair

Safety and Preventive Maintenece 

Smoke detector testing

U.S. Fire Administration recommends the testing of the smoke detectors once a month. 

Circuite breaker Infraded testing

Electrical infrared inspections locate problems before they lead to an unscheduled outage, equipment damage or a fire.

Carbon monoxide detector testing 

 Carbon monoxide testing is essential in any residence or commercial space that uses natural gas for food preparation of heating. 

Furnace filter Replacement 

  Regular air filter replacement can lower your energy bill up to 15%. It'll protect your HVAC      system from unfiltered air             making it last longer.

GFCI and AFCI Testing 

GFCI's  and ARC Fault

detecting devices should be frequently inspected and once a month tested. 

Refrigerator water Filter 

        Regular water filter replacement is key for getting clean water at home and must      be replaced at regular                             intervals. 

TV, Audio/Video

Wall mount TV's 

Wall mounting TV's with safety in mind. 

Audio/Video and Speakers 

Installation of wiring and speakers for any Home Theater, Office, Game or Recreation spaces. 


Ceiling, wall or stand alone installation of projectors and  Audio/Video wiring. 

Surveillance cameras 

Camera Install 

Wireless or wired survailance cameras installtions. 

Digital Video Recording


DVR recording set up. 

Open Space Office

Commercial Lighting

Lighting replacement and upgrade

Upgrade fluorscent lights to LED or new replacements 

Efficiant LED lighting 

Lighting replacement or upgrading 

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