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                     Electrical Panel Upgrade  
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Why choose SH Electrical Service for your Panel Upgrade/Replacement ?

We are set on quality and reliance. Choosing a small family owned service provider comes with the benefits of knowing who comes in your home and if there are questions who you going to call. You will get all your concerns answered by a Master Electrician. 

Whats the cost?

The majority of the panel Upgrades/Replacements fall into the below ranges

    ! Low !



Note: Be cautious of low prices. Safety, quality and price work hand in hand. Low prices are the key to trouble. 

The Estimate

   How we determine your Estimate

  • We look at the condition of the panel and its components. If the service size of the panel and wiring is not compliant with National Fire Protection Association's codes and requirements, we recommend an upgrade of the panel, wiring and its components. 

  • We consider access to the panel or breaker. Sometimes an electrical panel poses access challenges. If significant time is required to get to the system, it could affect the total cost. 

Customer Reviews
What customers have to say about us


Sorin was awesome!!! We were selling our house and the buyer wanted us to replace the old electrical panel before closing. There was no time for shopping around or having to deal with delays. He came in, replaced the panel, got it county inspected and Pepco connected. All before closing. Great service!! 


Joel M | Potomac Homeowner  

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