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Lighting Services

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Why choose SH Electrical Service for your lighting project?

For best layout ideas and installation trust 21 years of experience.  Home lighting is what you see, interact and use the entire day. We have installed hundreds of  recessed  lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, wall sconces, cove and all types of kitchen lighting.

Whats the cost?

Existing lighting replacements are usually a straight forward job ( for how long the preview installer did it right). A new install has many variants which will determine the final cost. 

Please call us for a comprehensive  evaluation and estimate. 

Note: Be cautious of low prices. Safety, quality and price work hand in hand. Low prices are the key to trouble. 

The Estimate 

   How we determine your Estimate

  • We take into account how high your ceilings are. Higher ceilings (over 10 ft.) can make a ceiling light project more difficult, which increases labor costs.

  • We consider the number of lights added to a circuit before adding more. 

  • A closed wall install will add to the cost as its more difficult running the wiring

  • Fight fixtures, recessed lights, or ceiling fans replacements are the most cost effective

  • For safety and reliability we'll determine whether a new electrical circuit is needed 

Customer Reviews
What customers have to say about us


We are pleased with the ceiling fan installation, kitchen recessed lights and bathroom exhaust fan. Very professional. After the work was completed, they vacuumed and wiped the surrounded surfaces. Happy :) 


George B. | Bethesda, MD   

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