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Service Details 
Why choose us for home wiring or re-wiring ?


  • Your home's electrical wiring plays a major role in your family's comfort, convenience and safety. You want to be able to count on exceptional electrical work done right the first time by highly experienced licensed and insured electricians.

  • With our Master Electrician's  21 years experience your are guaranteed a high quality replacement with safety and reliability in mind.  

Whats the cost?

Because rewiring a home is a complex process and much dependents on the size, age and Code requirements please call or email us for a comprehensive quote at . 

Note: Be cautious of low prices. Safety, quality and price work hand in hand. Low prices are the key to trouble. 

The Estimate 

   How we determine your Estimate

  • We determine the size of your home. Larger homes will cost more to rewire than smaller homes. This is because bigger homes require more wiring and time, which can increase labor and material costs. 

  •  We identify the type of wiring your home has. Some older homes were originally wired using unsafe wiring methods, for example: the "knob and tube", armored cable, two-wire paper sheeting cable or even aluminum.

  • When re-wiring a new home the Electrical Panel needs to be replaced to make the whole system safe

Customer Reviews
What customers have to say about us

Rewiring our 1898 home in historical Gaithersburg was a big project for us. Our builder recommended Sorin with SH Electrical Service and let me tell you we haven’t regret it. He is professional, polite, knowledgeable and understanding. It took over one week from demolition to new wiring, inspection and completion. What a task and what a peace of mind now. Thank you Sorin.  

                    Marcy K. | Gaithersburg, MD 



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